Autel MaxiSYS MS908P

Autel Maxisys Pro,same to Autel MS908P is Professional in ALL Systems Diagnosing
  • Type:

    Professional diagnostic tool
  • Brand name:

  • Applicable Models:

    Universal Cars
  • Warranty:

    1 year
  • Connection Method:

    OBD2 cables and other cables
  • Language Supported:

  • Voltage:

  • Power:

  • Lead time:

    within 3 days after payment
  • Minimum order QTY:

    1 piece
Products description
AUTEL MaxiSYS MS908 Pro AUTEL Maxisys Elite pro Diagnostic tool Autel MS908P car diagnostic machine 

Autel MaxiSYS serials is developed from Autel MAXIDAS,but evolved far beyond the original MaxDAS.
Utilizing an A9 quard-core 1.40GHz processor,which increases 50% in speed comparing with same kind of tool of our competitors.
9.7'' LED screen with a resolution of 1024*768 capacities touch screen
Multitasks-capable Android operation System.
Combined with the best possible coverage of OE-level diagnostics.
Suitable for shops and technicians.

To get exact and full functions of Autel MaxiSYS MS908 Pro,please read the following pictures directly.

Autel MaxiSys Pro/908P for full system diagnose function

Autel MaxiSys Pro/P ECU coding

Autel MaxiSys Pros/908P with touch screen

Autel MaxiSys Pros/908P CAN vehicle in one touch

Autel MaxiSys Pros/908P for ECU coding and programming

Main Features of Autel Maxisys Pro automotive diagnostic scanner
1,Extensive System Coverage: Works on over 80 US domestic, Asian and European makes and models. 
2,High-Level Configuration: Comprehensive OE-Level diagnostic & services, advanced ECU coding and programming for pro tools.
3,Auto-Vin Tech: Smart AutoVIN technology for fast and precise identifying vehicles in one touch to scan ECUs, acquire vehicle info and run diagnostic on selected systems.
4,Superior Diagnoses and Analysis: Equipped with complete capabilities of graphic live data, actuation tests, adaptations, matching and ECU information
5,DTC Definition:  Display DTC description and data values associated with the specific DTC at the moment it occurred.
6,Easy Printing: Print data via Windows-based PC or Wi-Fi Printer
7,Optional Add-ons Compatibility: MaxiScope Oscilloscope ready with installed MaxiScope app (MP408); Video 8,Inspection Camera (MV108&MV105) ready with installed Digital Inspection app.
Autel Maxisys Pro autel ms908P is Professional in ALL Systems’ Diagnosing works.Please see the following introductions.
1. Retrieve and ECU display information of tested control unit, including unit type, version numbers and other specifications;
2. Read all kinds of DTCs from vehicle’s control systems to locate problem areas and offer possible solutions;
3. Erase the codes easily after DTCs retrieving and certain repairs have been carried out;
4. Live data of each parameter item displayed in analog, text, waveform graph, digital, or full screen display modes;
5. Active test used to access vehicle-specific subsystem and component tests.
Complete Special Functions
With the on-screen instructions, the MaxiSys system guides you to various service operations like Oil Reset, TPMS Programming, EPB Service, ABS/SRS Services, SAS Calibration, DPF Regeneration, Anti-theft matching, reset procedures and turn off service lights.
You will experience the extreme ease of vehicle fixes and repairs by using diagnostic scanner MS908P.

With combination of MS908P and J2534 box, you can achieve multiple repairing purposes with the all-in-one diagnostic scanner.
ECU Coding & Programming
1,The diagnostic tool can reflash the vehicle control modules, to update the in-car computer software and reprogram adaptive data for certain components, fixing issues of drivability, fuel efficiency, power loss, fault codes and durability of mechanical parts.
2,Coding: reprograms adaptive data for vehicle control modules after repairs or replacements of vehicle parts;
Reprogramming: downloads newest software version from the online server database and reprograms it to the ECU.
Autel Maxisys Pro J2534 ECU Programming
When MS908P works with J2534 ECU programming device by using the updated OEM software,
the diagnostic scanner can replace the existing software in the ECU, program new ECUs, and fix software-controlled drivability issues and emission issues for over 80 vehicle makes,  well solving the problems that other diagnostic tools can’t solve.
Powerful Hardware Condition
The 9.7-inch super multi-touch screen, protected by the strong rubber housing, is convenient for you to read very clear information on one interface with ultra-fast reaction via Wi-Fi. No need to worry about the battery because it can continuously work for 8 hours.

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