Three kinds of OBD2 scanner 2019-11-13

For most people, their vehicle is more than just a transportation device. With an OBD2 scanner,what can do you get about your car?You will know your car better than ever!

While they may not be living, breathing objects, you may find often enough that you still form a bond with your car.

Some people may give it a name, some might find a form of solitude or peace in the driver seat, others may release tension in traffic by bursting out in song.

Whatever you may or may not do in your personal vehicle is unique, but universally we hope every time we turn over the ignition, we get to where we are going safely and securely.

One way you can get to know your car on a more personal level is with a car scan tool or nowadays it an OBD2 diagnostic scanner.

OBD2 Scanners can diagnose and fix problems in your car’s engine. They can display check engine light codes when there’s something wrong with the engine or some also suggest fixes.

Some advanced OBD2 scanners also let you do much more than just fix CEL (check engine light) codes. They can operate ECU programming, IMMO, DPF, etc the condition is that  you need to get the right and suitable OBD2 scanner then you are good to go.

There are three kinds of OBD2 scanners.

Basic OBD2 Code Readers:

These are the cheapest and basic OBD2 scanners while they offer many basic functions such as checking engine light codes, reading and clearing DTCs, etc.

You won’t find any advanced features on them and a very few of them can connect to a smartphone or third party app. So, wireless connectivity can be an issue here.

DIY OBD2 Scanners:

These scanners mostly come with dedicated mobile APPs to connect wirelessly. Most DIY scanners can make a connection with a smartphone.

In terms of functionality, they are better than basic OBD2 scanners but are not suitable or professional use since they only offer a few advanced functions.

Professional Diagnostic Tools:

These scanners offer solutions to complex car problems. You will find many advanced features in professional OBD2 scanners such as ECU coding, key programming, DPF, EPB etc. This is the best OBD2 scanner among all three kinds.

Of course,these three kinds of OBD2 scanner come with different functions also different price.You can purchase a suitable one according to your own requirements and your professional knowledge of mending a car.Please feel free to contact us and we will give you right and professional advice.

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